Being led by the blind

I am sure that the only reason we should pay attention to elected officials is to see what stupid piece of legislation they are going to enact next. On Sunday’s program Meet the Press House majority leader John Boehner stated that he really didn’t know if a sequester was good or bad for the economy how it worked or how it would be applied but yet he has previously stated how devistating it would be on the economy, not knowing any more about this piece of legislation and apparently having no interest to learn the potential effects it would have on our economy he signed on to it and now blames the  President.


It appears that neither party has the intellectual ability to assess the needs of the country prioritize those needs and act accordingly. So what are we to do now put our head between our legs and wait for armeggedon or maybe Warren Buffett will come and assume the national debt and write it off on his income tax.

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