Being led by the blind

I am sure that the only reason we should pay attention to elected officials is to see what stupid piece of legislation they are going to enact next. On Sunday’s program Meet the Press House majority leader John Boehner stated that he really didn’t know if a sequester was good or bad for the economy how it worked or how it would be applied but yet he has previously stated how devistating it would be on the economy, not knowing any more about this piece of legislation and apparently having no interest to learn the potential effects it would have on our economy he signed on to it and now blames the  President.


It appears that neither party has the intellectual ability to assess the needs of the country prioritize those needs and act accordingly. So what are we to do now put our head between our legs and wait for armeggedon or maybe Warren Buffett will come and assume the national debt and write it off on his income tax.

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  1. I have faith that, just before the end, my coffee will be especially tasty. I’ll play one last round of golf, hit a killer shot, and go out smiling.

    After all, it’s all about me. I just became a Republican.

  2. Let’s see…universal health care, higher taxes, sequestration- Really, what does a good liberal have to complain about?

  3. Reply to: PastorDave I complain because they are not taking care of the country’s business but for a conservative you can take joy in the stock market reaching it’s highest in history with 1.75 trillion dollars in profit and receiving government subsidies, tax exemptions and being taxed at 15 percent on all that profit. I think you are looking in all the wrong places to assuage you angst. If Obama is a socialist he is the worst socialist in the history of socialism,

  4. Reply to: PastorDave

    So you’re paying higher taxes? Bull. If so, you’re making a hell of a lot of money.

  5. Reply to: surrogate
    Where did you read that I said I am paying higher taxes?

  6. Reply to: truthserum42
    Somehow, I am not notified of your replies to my comments on your blog. Concerning the stock market, it is indeed nice that it is going- every day it seems my retirement account is getting better. We need to ask why this is happening, and if it will be a lasting trend? I fear smart investors are selling out because of lack of faith in the long-term situation. I’ve got another 12 years before I will need the money. Sure hope it will be there. And, I don’t believe Obama is a Socialist- just a really bad President.

  7. Reply to: PastorDave I honestly believe if you could get pass your prejudice and look at Obama’s accomplishments other than through your jaundiced eyes you would admit that the he’s been pretty good, equal pay for equal work for women, 39 million more people have access to health care, saved the banking and financial industry, auto industry, brought a 100 thousand troops home from Iraq ending our combat mission in that country, created over 2 million jobs in the private sector, reduced the national debt and probably will reduce gun violence in the future and remember the Afghanistan war will be ending in less than a year, reduced unemployment by 3 percent.If you consider the mess he inherited that is an amazing accomplishment. Now tell me what you know that makes him such a bad president.

  8. Reply to: PastorDave

    No one is paying higher taxes. When there’s a tax holiday, or TEMPORARY reductions are ended, that’s not a raise in taxes. that’s a resumption of what is supposed to be. Having said that, we SHOULD have our taxes raised. We allowed this country to go to war without paying for it. Fist time in human history, and stupid as can be. We owe our treasury a trillion bucks, which, by the way, is almost exactly what we owe China.

  9. Reply to: surrogate
    No one is paying higher taxes? Now you move to delusional. I’m sure this is a talking point you pick up from some liberal blog or show. December 31, Bush tax cuts expired. The tax rate on top earners in America went from 35% to over 39%- that’s an increase of over 10%. So he/she will have less to invest in the economy, in jobs. And my Social Security tax, which had been temporarily reduced by 2%, returned to the previous rate. Since I am self-employed, I get a double-hit with this one. So yes, taxes are up. Our President could have prevented this. He did so in 2010. But not now that he has more political clout.

  10. Reply to: PastorDave

    Obviously you didn’t read all of my comment before responding…

  11. Reply to: PastorDave

    Tell me Dave, if a store runs a sale, and once it’s over, the price goes back to normal, you consider that a price raise? Interesting logic. You must be a Republican. Ya know, you have trouble dealing with reality.

  12. Let’s be more realistic with the simile. The thugs on the street are shaking down a mom & pop store, demanding 39% of the proceeds for their wasteful living. The owners are about to go out of business because of the robbery. So they beg the thugs to lower their demands. Alright, says the lead thug, we will only extract 35%! This actually helps, and for a few years the old man and his wife are able to buy more food and medicine, and pay for their lights and water. then, the punks return and decide the “sale” is over. Give us 39%, or we shut down your livelihood.

    Nothing reasonable about it.

  13. Reply to: PastorDave
    Reply to: PastorDave

    You really hate the government, don’t you? Maybe you should do without all the things it provides just as a matter of principal. Otherwise, it’s just whining.

    Nary ONE soul is paying 39% of what they need to live on. If they benefit from the rest of us, they ought pay their fair share of the OVERAGE. You must be afraid of becomming rich. Iand I suppose it’s okay that we went in to an illegitimate war without paying for it.

  14. Reply to: PastorDave I see you have drank the Koolade if the rich guys created so many jobs with their largess why is it that the unemployment rate changes so slow. Remember from the beginning the tax reduction was only temporary for the rich and pay roll tax in fact he stated the time they would revert to the previous rate, so in effect it was not a tax increase. The 10 percent increase you referred to is only applicable to those makeing over 400 hundred thousand dollars per year and that is after they subtracted all their deductions from the 400 thousand pretty good deal I think and it’s probably no where near 39 percent.

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